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Decadence du Chocolat

Choco (Café)

Choco (Café)

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Chocolate on a daily basis.
It's a real taste for casual rux.

Relax Time,
A little bit of luxurious chocolates for happiness.
This is a casual chocolate with a dedicated Chocolatier.

of milk chocolate with coffee scent and sweetness
Hoorless, a good chocolate.
Each time you bite, it's a choco that changes in taste.

Chocolatier's favourite is this Cafe.
Please try again.

Tagh nuts and biter chocolate crack, chocolates, and chocolates from here.
It's a strawberry acid taste and a white chocolate split. Choco stroberries, please.


[raw materials]
Sugar, butter, flour, lyspaff, cacao onib, vegetable oils, all powdered milk, powdered milk, coffee, cinnamon, dust powder (soybean origin), milder (soybean origin), and paprika pigment.


[alcohol use]

[Package size]
About 10 cm x 12 cm

[Expiry Date]
28 days to manufacture

[Save Method]
Save at 18 °C or less

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