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Decadence du Chocolat

○ Refrigerated Delivery-Raw chocolate roll cakes

○ Refrigerated Delivery-Raw chocolate roll cakes

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Refrigerated Delivery -
It's the most popular product since the launch.
Raw chocolate roll cake

rich and smooth with three chocolates
Raw chocolate and chocolate cream.
and he wrapped it up with a shatter, a chocolat sponge.
A piece of cake made by a shocholatri.

The shipment will be delivered with a frozen shipment.
The Decadence du Chocolat cake.
You can enjoy it when you like it.

It's cute to see it, and it tastes good.
I'll give you a gift for you.

When you want a paper bag for your paid logo,
Please select the M size.
* Please use each size as a guide.

< < Frozen shipping products are!! > >
* Only frozen shipping, and the total amount of one order is 6,000 yen or more, and the shipping charge is free!
Love to be loved by everyone-Popular, "Gatov Romage Rare"
○ Strongly flavorful and rich ' Gateg Anara 70 '
Since the launch of the market, 'fresh chocolate roll cake' is a popular product.
Women's popularity - "Chocolate cakes of strawberries."

[Amount of Content]
About 340g.

[raw materials]
Chocolate (cocoa, cocoa butter, all powdered milk, powdered milk) fresh cream, milk, eggs, sugar, flour, candy, cocoa, butter, sweetening, emulsion, and perfume (including milk and soy beans)

egg, wheat, milk

[alcohol use]

[Package size]
(Outer box): Approx. 10cm x 16cm x 9 cm
(Product body) Approx. 6cm x 13.5cm x 6cm

[Expiry Date]
2 days including the uncompressed date

[Save Method]
After uncompressed, save in the refrigerator
It's about three to five hours in the refrigerator.

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