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Decadence du Chocolat

Crocan Pecan S (45g)

Crocan Pecan S (45g)

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Crocan pecan made from simple materials.
It is a synergistic effect of deliciousness.

For caramelized pecan nuts
Layers of bitter and milk chocolate coated.

With the texture of crispy nuts
The sweet temptation of chocolate.
It ’s so delicious that you ca n’t stop.
It boasts a deep-rooted popularity.

If you would like a paper bag with a paid logo
Please choose SS size.
* Please select each size as a reference.

I want to eat more! Double the amount of black pecan (L) from here
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【Internal capacity】
Crocan Pecan 45g

【raw materials】
Pecan nuts, chocolate (including soybeans), sugar, butter, powdered sugar


[Use alcohol]

[Package size]
Diameter about 4 cm x height about 5 cm

【Sell by】
About 4 weeks

【Preservation method】
Store at 18 ° C or below

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