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Decadence du Chocolat

Cigar chocolate 2 bottle set

Cigar chocolate 2 bottle set

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A chocolate for adults with a scent of whiskey.
Renewal in a paulownia box!

Cigar is in the paulownia box.
Recommended as a gift for loved ones.

* A paper bag with a paid logo will be attached to this product for each item.

A popular cigar chocolate for adults.
Dark chocolate with 70% cacao content from Colombia,
Carefully coated one by one with dark chocolate with a cacao content of 60%.
The unique scent of chestnut honey is overlaid with the flavor of famous domestic whiskey.
Finished with a wild taste.

Of course, for those who like alcohol
Cigar, which is popular among men
It is also recommended for Father's Day and Valentine's Day.

【Internal capacity】
Cigar x 2

【raw materials】
Cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, raw cream, butter, western sake, honey, sugar, cocoa powder, invert sugar, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance


[Use alcohol]

[Package size]

【Sell by】
About 3 weeks

[Storage method]
Store at 18 ° C or below

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