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Decadence du Chocolat

Bonbon chocolate (4 pieces)

Bonbon chocolate (4 pieces)

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Carefully handmade by an exclusive chocolatier.
A beautiful chocolate with a smooth mouthfeel
Confident work of Decadence du Chocolat.

From all 24 types of bonbon chocolate
4 popular lineups packed in one box
It is an assortment box.

Juicy bitter ganache "Franboise" with sourness and aroma
Rich "coco caramel" that combines coconut and caramel that goes well with each other,

Uses bergamot fragrant Earl Gray tea. Women's popular "Earl Gray",
"Praline les" with roasted walnuts on top of gorgeous.

The bonbon chocolatiers that chocolatiers make one by one
We bring you the depth and surprise of chocolate.
It is also popular as a gift.

If you would like a paper bag with a paid logo
Please choose SS size.

4 grains (Franboise, Coco Caramel, Earl Gray, Praline Les)

【raw materials】
Coconut mass, sugar, cacao butter, fresh cream, whole milk powder, converted sugar, butter, lactose, emulsifiers (including soybeans), walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut puree, coconut fine, framboise puree Earl Gray tea leaves, liquor, salt, fragrance , Coloring agent (Red No. 3, Red No. 40)


Degree of fragrance (Franboise, Coco Caramel)
Not used (Earl Gray, praline le)

[Package size]
Approximately 7 cm x 7 cm x 3.5 cm

【Sell by】
About 3 weeks

【Preservation method】
Store at 18 ° C or below

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