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Decadence du Chocolat

Bonbon chocolat (24)

Bonbon chocolat (24)

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Anniversary of remembering.
It is also selected for the Imperial ceremonies and for the celebration of the Imperial Palace.

Shokora's desire to spread a luxurious idea in my day-to-day life.
Chocolatiers are politely made by Chocolatiers.

We used this sternly selected material to represent the world of different tastes within a grain of the grain.
Shokola, a kind of art.

Only 24 grains of bonbons can be enjoyed at a time.

Enjoy the world view of Decadence du Chocolat.

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Please select the L size.

24 grains

[raw materials]
Cacaomus, sugar, cocaoba, fresh cream, sweetening, butter, milk sugar, milkmizers (including soybeans), walnut, ermond, oxidizer, sweet puree, apricot, apricoom, sweet potato, potato, potato, sweet potato, potato syrup, lemon, lemons, lemons, pepper fin, ginger, olive oil, green tea, green tea, and green teaAar gray tea leaves, basil, Japanese pepper, salt, cacao, cinnamon, cinnamon, vanillo oil, glucose (wheat origin), perfume, coloring (red 3, red 40, yellow 4, blue 1, titanium dioxide)

wheat, milk

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[Package size]
Approximated 20cm x 13cm x 5 cm

[Expiry Date]
About three weeks.

[Save Method]
Save at 18 °C or less

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