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Decadence du Chocolat

Baked confectionery assortment (S size 5 pieces)

Baked confectionery assortment (S size 5 pieces)

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For a present to convey a little feelings.
With the five grilled sweets made carefully.

A set of five baked confectionery using a commitment material carefully selected by exclusive Patissie.

Baked sweets that use flour to use flour for each product
It is a happy assortment that everyone can enjoy it.

Please select M size when you wish a paper bag with a fairy logo.

【Contents】 A total of 5
-Finache (Natur Argley)
-Coke (Chocola-Range Citron)
-Madeleine (Citron)

※ About cake
Cake Citron, taking advantage of the seasonal ingredients, Cak Malon will be held in autumn and winter.

【raw materials】
Described separately

Described separately

[Alcohol use]

【Package size】
About 19 cm × 10 cm × 5 cm

【expiry date】
About 45 days from manufacturing

【Preservation method】
Please save with direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity

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