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Decadence du Chocolat

<WEB Limited> Decadence Box

<WEB Limited> Decadence Box

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If you get lost with a gift, this is recommended!
WEB limited special BOX.

"Baked sweets also want BOX with chocolate"
Because there were a lot of such requests,
"I want to eat this for the first time!" Concept
We selected mainly popular products and casual Chocolat.

DECADENCE DU Chocolat Speaking of "Valencia",
Nuts and Chocolate Mariage "Crocan Pecan",
Baked confectionery contains a recommended product that can enjoy the difference between "Finance", "Garret", "Madeleine" and texture.

This one box is a business card of DECADENCE DU CHOCOLAT.
"There are a lot of products and lost."
"I do not know what to choose in the first time"
At that time, the set here is.
There is also the fun to choose, and I think that everyone will be served with everyone.

To the important people of DECADENCE DU Chocolat.

Please select L size when you wish a paper bag with a fairy logo.

[Contents] 10 points
-Madeleine Oshokora × 2 pieces
-Madeleine Oblanc × 3 pieces
-Finance (Natur Arrgley) × 1 each
-Garrett Brutonne × 1 piece
-Chrokan Pecan (S size) × 1 piece
-Valencia (7P) × 1

【raw materials】
Described separately

Eggs, wheat, milk

[Alcohol use]
Some products use to aroma

【Package size】
BOX Size: about 22 cm × 15 cm × 7 cm

【expiry date】
About 45 days from manufacturing

【Preservation method】
Storage at 18 ° C or less

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