Baked confectionery (M size 12 pieces)


From gift to appreciation
It is chosen by a wide scene.
Decadence Du Choquet
12 baked cake sets using carefully selected ingredients.

Financier Chocolat was made from 70% Chocolat from Colombia.
Topped with cacao Nigiri on the almond portion of the flandran.

Chocolate tree baked cake.
The cake with a lot of fermented butter is a very popular item.
Happy assortment of family members.

Cake citron, marron
Cake citron Spring & Summer
Cake marrons are put in fall and winter.
The order of 2020 will be put in order from 10 / 1 order.
Baked confectionery

25 sets of baked cakes (L size) from here

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Choose L size.
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Contents: 12 volumes
Galet Breton tonne Floran Miel
Keck (chocoola orangu Marron pistash)

Raw material
Individually listed

Package size
About 22 cm x 15 cm x 7 cm

Time limit
About four weeks