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デカダンス ドュ ショコラ | Decadence du Chocolat

[Store receipt] Noel Chocolat 2022 3

[Store receipt] Noel Chocolat 2022 3

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 ★Please be sure to select the date of receipt and time.

 ★Please refrain from making reservations except for Christmas cakes.
The congestion is expected on the day.
Please cooperate to make the product confirmation and delivery smoothly.
 ★Cancellation / change after reservation cannot be changed. Please be careful.
 ★Do not specify the date and time on the next page.

With the soft acidity of domestic Yuzu, accent
The taste of homemade hazelnut paste
Complete high -quality bitter chocolate flavors.
Also, in a smooth mousse mousse
The crispy two -layer crunch chocolate was hidden.

Ornament red bonbon chocolate
Christmas cake limited flavor inspired by this cake.
Luxuriously containing 1 tablet of Haselnut
It is a refreshing bonbon chocolate of citron and hazelnut.

The contrast of the texture is also fun,
It is a gem that you want to enjoy on a special day.

This flavor is only this year.
Celebrate a special day once a year with a DECADENCE DU CHOCOLAT cake.

* A handbag plastic bag and candlestick are included.
* For inquiries, please contact the reservation store.
Please refrain from contacting other stores.

★Reservation period
* Reservations may be closed as soon as the scheduled sales volume is over.

★Reception store
Deka Dance Du Chocolat Myogadani store
Cafe La Bohem Azabu Juban

★Picking period
Myogadani: 2022.12.22㈭ ~ 26㈪
Azabu Juban / Shirokane: 2022.12.23㈮ 26㈪
(Restaurants are not available on December 22. Please note)
* Cancellation / change cannot be performed after reservation. Please be careful.

Chocolate mousse cake No. 3 (diameter about 9㎝)
For about 1-2 people

Wheat, eggs, milk
We use honey. Do not give infants under 1 year old.

Without use

[Package size]
Cake size: 9cm in diameter x height 10cm (decorative)
Outer box size: 14㎝ long x 14㎝ × height 10.5㎝

【expiry date】
Please enjoy it during the day of the hand.

[Storage method]
Save in refrigerated (10 ° C or less)
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