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Decadence du Chocolat

[Frozen delivery] Raw chocolate ducks sand 3P

[Frozen delivery] Raw chocolate ducks sand 3P

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● Frozen delivery products ●
I can't imagine from a simple appearance
A rich and complex taste of chocolate and caramel.

2022.10.1 Sales start! !

With crispy crunch chocolate
Sandwich the good raw chocolate with duckwards,
Coated with chocolate for finishing.
Put the overflowing caramel.

It has a sense of quality and is perfect for gifts
It is a duckworth sandwich of chocolate.

If you wear a bite, a multi -layer structure like a cake
Harmony with different textures,
You will be surprised at the taste of the luxurious caramel.
It is a rich and complex taste that you can not imagine from a simple appearance.

It is also recommended to compare two items of the target taste! !

[Praline caramel]
Use homemade hazelnut paste for caramel.
It is a dish that can enjoy the taste of nuts and bitter chocolate.

With a framboise sweet and sour caramel,
Milky milk chocolate was combined.
Enjoy the balance between acidity and sweetness, which is bright and beautiful for viewing.

So that caramel melts smoothly even in refrigerated and frozen
I devised the concentration.

You can enjoy it deliciously in either state.
Since it is frozen sales, please enjoy it at your favorite temperature.

[How to thaw]
◉ Drop it for about 3 hours in the whole thawed refrigerator.
You can enjoy a smooth texture.
◉ Drop it for about 1 hour in the half -frozen refrigerator.
With a crisp texture of chocolate
You can enjoy the contrast of the melting caramel.
(It may be different depending on the environment.)

If you want a paper bag with a paid logo, please choose the M size.

* Shipping costs will be charged for each delivery method (refrigerated delivery/freezing delivery).
This is [frozen delivery product].
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【Internal capacity】
Raw chocolate ducks sandwich
Praline Caramel x 2 Framboise x 1 3 pieces

【raw materials】
Praline caramel:
Sugar (domestic), cocoa mas, cocoa butter, almonds, eggs, raw cream, hazelnuts, all powder, wheat, water, lactose, salt, vanilla/emulsifiers, fragrances (some wheat, eggs, milk, almonds, and almonds. Including soybeans and walnuts)

Sugar (domestic), cocoa butter, almonds, cocoa mas, eggs, raw milk, wooden strawberries, all powdered, lactose, wheat, lemon, lemon, water squirrels/emulsifiers, fragrances (some wheat, eggs, milk, almonds, soybeans, walnuts. including)

Wheat, eggs, milk

[Use alcohol]

[Package size]
Approximately 20㎝ x 7㎝ x 3.5㎝
* Size of outer box

【expiry date】
28 days from manufacturing
After thawing, including the thawing day, 5 days

【Preservation method】
Freezing required.
After thawing, it needs to be refrigerated. Please enjoy it as soon as possible.

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