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Decadence du Chocolat



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It becomes the mouthful size and renews it.
Decadence du Chocolat
A full-scale chocolate cube.

Peanut, caramel,
Sand does rice Krispy by chocolate
I coated it with milk chocolate with nuts.

The good praline of the fragrance is what homemade!
In a peanut caramel and a rice puff,
I can enjoy two levels of different textures.

Decadence du Chocolat longtime seller product
Become a mouthful from a bar type,
Furthermore, I renewed it deliciously.

The chocolate bar cake sensation of heavy sweetness from this

When you want an entering paid logo paper sack
Please choose the small size.
※Please choose each size as reference.

Three mini-crunch

[raw materials]
Peanut, sugar, cocoa butter, cacao trout, almond, fresh cream, starch syrup, rice puff, wheat flour, plant oils and fats, all powdered milk, milk sugar, malt extract, salt, fragrance

Milk, wheat, peanut

[alcohol use]

[package size]
Approximately 17cm *6.5cm

[the expiration date]
Approximately 49 days

[preservation method]
I save it in 18 degrees Celsius or less

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