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Decadence du Chocolat

<Web Limited> DECADENCE BOX S size

<Web Limited> DECADENCE BOX S size

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Speaking of DecadeNce Du Chocolat, this is.
Chocolat and baked goods are the most popular of each
Assorted only web.


"Valencia", a signboard product, from the time of its founding

The best match is chocolate, the original blend of Chocolatier, with the refreshing acidity of Valencia orange.
With not only peel but also pulp, you can enjoy more juicy.
With a gorgeous look and the taste loved by everyone
It is the most popular chocolate category.

"Madeleineo Chocolat" and "Madeleine Oblanc" were products limited to winter.
It became a regular product in response to the voice of the customer.
It is the most popular baked confectionery.

Madeleine, whose vanilla flavored, was baked plumply using fermented butter.
Chocolate enjoys the contrast of the texture with Madeleine, so
We are particular about thickness and coat by hand.

WEB limited BOX, which is packed with 2 popular products in one box
Ideal for a small gift!
Would you like to give a gift on sweets?

* Paper bags are not accessories.
If you wish, from here➡M sizePlease purchase.

If you select a small purchase size, you may add an additional size.
* Paper bags cannot be attached to those who have not purchased. Please be careful.

* Wrapping services are not accepted.
Please note that we are sorry.

[Contents] (individual packaging)
3 Valencia
Madeleineo Chocolat, 2 blanced each

【raw materials】
Sugar (yoroppa, other), eggs, butter, org, wheat, octopus, cock -mas, glucose, plants, flour/swelling agent, emulsifying agent, emulsifier, fragrance, fragrance, fragrance, butan c, bottle Includes eggs, wheat, milk, soybeans, and lens in the club)

Eggs, milk, wheat

[Use alcohol]

[Package size]
19cm x 10cm x 5cm

[Storage method]
Save below 18 ° C

【expiry date】
About 45 days

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