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Decadence du Chocolat

Kurokan Makadamia S size

Kurokan Makadamia S size

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Roasted slowly and caramelized to macadamia nuts
Coated the original chocolate that Chocolatier has originally blended.

The rock salt with a mild but mild flavor is hidden.
Exquisitely complement the sweetness of chocolate.

The crispy and elegant macadamia nutsSweetness,
Please enjoy a smooth harmony with chocolate.
* There are S size and L size. please note.

* Paper bags are not accessories.
Click here if you wish➡SsizePlease purchase.

If you select a small purchase size, you may add an additional size.
* Paper bags cannot be attached to those who have not purchased. please note.

【Internal capacity】


[Use alcohol]

[Package size]
Approximately 17cm x 6.5cm

【expiry date】
60 days from production

【Preservation method】
Save below 18 ° C

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