Valentine's Day 2021


Valentine's Day 2021

《1/23 - 2/14》

The theme of the 2021 Valentine's Chocolat is "Ultimate Kuchidoke".

From the moment it melts in your mouth and on your tongue, it invites you to a dreamy and enchanting pleasure.

A sensible adult melts reason with chocolate as if to cast magic on himself-

We provide such a special experience.

Bonbon Chocolat

An assortment box that combines three types of Valentine's Day limited bonbon chocolates and a popular classic bonbon

Love Kiss

Lip-shaped chocolate "Love Kiss" in a ring case
A sweet and fascinating crimson chocolate with yuzu caramel and strawberry smooth ganache that melts smoothly in your mouth.


Cigar chocolat

Cigar chocolate in the shape of a cigar is a dark chocolate with a wild taste that is scented with domestic whiskey and chestnut honey. It comes in a paulownia box, so it is recommended as a gift. There are two types, a 2-piece set and a 5-piece set.



Cakes unique to chocolate, such as raw chocolate roll cakes and gateau chocolates, are recommended not only as gifts, but also as rewards for yourself and as a party companion. Even though it is delivered frozen, it is always in the best condition.


No Sugar / Low-GI

Body-friendly Diana chocolate with no sugar, zero sugar, and low GI. It is a low-carbohydrate chocolate that uses the naturally-derived sweetener maltitol and has a gradual rise in blood sugar level. It is also a great gift for those who are on a carb limit or who are concerned about their health.



Signboard product "Valencia" since its establishment.
The secret of its popularity is the solid fruity Valencia orange and the bittersweet bitter chocolate mariage. It goes well with wine, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages as well as tea time, so it will be appreciated by alcohol lovers.


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