Chocolat that melts reason and releases instinct

Deca-dence, which means "deca-dence" in French.
The logo mark depicts a woman who was fascinated and captivated by chocolate.

Decadence du chocolat's chocolates offer dreamy and enchanting pleasures from the moment they melt in your mouth and on your tongue.

A sensible adult melts his reason with chocolate as if he were casting magic on himself. We provide such a special experience.


The trick that invites you to the extraordinary is in“material”

Each of the materials that make up the Chocolatier of Decadence du chocolat has a clear intention and commitment to the chocolatier, which does not allow any compromise.

It is not uncommon to order more than 100 types of chocolate and repeat several months of trial production and discussion in order to create a single product.

Decadence du chocolat's selection of materials is a mechanism to connect everyday and extraordinary.

The delicate hand work brings magical power to chocolates

  • It gets into people's emotions and attracts them strongly. To make such a chocolate, it actually requires a daunting amount of delicate work.

    It is natural to change the treatment of chocolate according to the daily humidity and temperature.
    The pralines are also handmade from nut paste, and we are particular about it.

    Finish the best material as it is and make it the best work.
    The beliefs and techniques that have been cultivated for a long time in decadence invite someone to pleasure today.

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