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Decadence du Chocolat

Valencia (7 cards)

Valencia (7 cards)

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The pronoun for Decadence du Chocolat, Valencia.
It is an anecdote that has done

Ecuadorian chocolate with rich fragrance.
Cacao, 55 %, Bitter chocolate, Bend.
Valencia's sun in the sun, grew up in oranges.

The fruit with oranges, the smell of Peel, the sweetness,
I can feel the depth of the cacao.
The confidence of Decadence du Chocolat.

I can enjoy the delicious taste.
I shall have a good time for relaxed time.

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[Amount of Content]
7 Valencia

[raw materials]
Oranges, sugar, cacaumas, cacao butter, milky candies (including wheat), acidic (malic acid) oxidizing agents, perfumes, and raw materials (including milk in some parts)


[alcohol use]

[Package size]
Diameter: Approximate 7 cm x Height and 5 cm

[Expiry Date]
Approximated 60 days

[Save Method]
Save at 18 °C or less

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