[Limited time] Assorted cherry butter sand & wood strawberry madeleine m (2 types 4 each)


A limited product with four new spring products, "Cherry Butter Sand" and "Madeleine of the Strawberry".
I use an original bonito with the image of spring.


Cherry butter sand
Sands a cherry butter cream that pursues the melting of the mouth to the delicate cookie dough.
The decoration was added to the pistachio.
The cookies collapse in the mouth, and the compatibility with the smooth butter cream is excellent.
It is a butter sand with a gentle texture.

I used a lot of sweet and sour juicy cherry compotes,
It is a spring -only dish.
* If you cool well in the refrigerator, you can enjoy it even more delicious.

Wood strawberry Madeleine
For Madeleine with strawberry baked with fermented butter and meringue
I coated the sweet and sour strawberry chocolate.

The flavor of butter and strawberry that spreads out when put in your mouth,
For a moist and soft texture
A crisp wood strawberry chocolate accent.

A cute form. The pink color makes you feel the coming of spring.
It is a unique chocolate tray that goes well with baked goods and chocolate.

* Please note that it is sold out because it is limited.

* There is no subdivision bag.

If you want a paper bag with a paid logo, please choose the M size.

[Contents] 8 points
Cherry butter sand x 4 sheets
Wooden strawberry Madeleine x 4

【raw materials】
Wheat, gray sugar, sugar, egg, milk, wild strawberry, wood strawberries, cocohed, bracken, fluffy pulp, liquid sugar, converted sugar, leme, paste, all powdered milk, strawberry, powdered glucose, vegetable sugar, vegetable sugar. Inscus, fragrance, emulsifier, acidity, sorbonic acid, bottle dermis, sticky agent, colorant (yellow 4), colorants (blue 1), colorants (red 102), colorants (red 102), (Including eggs, milk, wheat, and main)

Milk, eggs, wheat

[Use alcohol]

[Package size]
Approximately 22cm x 15cm x 7cm

【expiry date】
About 3 weeks

【Preservation method】
In direct sunlight, storage in a cool place to avoid high -temperature and humidity