Mariage of nuts and chocolate.
It is a brownie bar made by hand with time and effort.
< is even more delicious, it becomes reasonable and renewed! ! >

Take your time with hazelnuts.
I roasted it until just before it was finished, and made it by hand from the paste.

I used the deep, fragrant paste luxuriously.
Brownies and chocolate cream
Coated with caramel flavored milk chocolate.

You can feel the taste of hazelnuts and chocolate,
It is a fragrant and rich chocolat bar cake.

Nuts and chocolate met
It is exactly one article that is "sensation"!

It became more delicious and renewed.
Popular products of Decadence du Chocolat are just some of the best.

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Chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, caramel powder, whey powder, lactose, emulsification agent), butter, eggs, hazelnuts, sugar, flour, almonds, salts, fragrances (including milk ingredients and soybeans in part)

Eggs, Wheat, Milk

[Alcohol use]

[Package size]

[Best before date]
14 days from manufacture

[How to save]
Stored at 18 degrees Celsius or less