Oranges barrier


Decadence Du Choquet pronoun Valencia
Combination with orangjet
Gift is most popular!

The octopus jet catacombs cacao beans crushed.
It is also noticed as a super food.

Bitter chocolate coated on the whole.
It is different from Valencia.

Decadence Du chocoat
Spain and Valencia orange
Hand made chocolate in Valencia.
It is a masterpiece that remains gorgeous and fruity.

* the package will change (box into box, box).
Valencia 1 pack, 4 bags
Bing Web: Oran jet
There are five bags in total.

If you wish to have a paid logo paper bag
Choose s size.

Four Valencia
Five orangjets (one package of five packages)

Raw material
Including orange, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, water candy (including wheat), emulsifiers (including soybeans), acidity (malic acid), antioxidants, flavors (including milk for a part of the raw material)

Wheat & Milk

Alcohol use

Package size
About 21 cm x 7.5 cm x 4 cm

Time limit
About 60 days from production

Preservation method
Preserving below 18