● Frozen delivery ● Gateau Guanara 70


● Gluten-free ●
Authentic gateau chocolate chosen by both men and women.
Have a luxurious time with the richness of cacao and the melting of the mouth.

Uses "Guanara", a French chocolate loved by the world's top pastry chefs.
Powerful yet elegant bitterness. It features a long-lasting scent.

Gateau Guanala 70 baked with exquisite heat.
It's gluten-free, so even those who care about their health can enjoy it with confidence.
It comes in a box, so it is recommended as a gift.

[Three ways to eat delicious many times]
Chilled ... chocolate-like firm texture
As it is ... Cacao that spreads in your mouth with a smooth texture
Warm up ... The aroma, taste, and melting of the mouth come together in the first bite.

If you would like a paper bag with a paid logo
Please choose M size.
* Please select each size as a reference.

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● Popular "Gateau Fromage Dre" loved by everyone
● Adult taste, rich "Gateau Guanara 70"
● Since its release, the popular product "Raw chocolate roll cake"
● "Strawberry pavé chocolate roll cake" which is especially popular among women

【Internal capacity】

【raw materials】
Eggs, butter, sugar, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, vanilla extract, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), milk included in some of the ingredients

Eggs, milk

[Use alcohol]

[Package size]

【Sell by】
5 days from frozen delivery / thawing

【Preservation method】
Refrigerate and store at 10 ° C or below, avoiding high temperature and humidity.