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Decadence du Chocolat

Frozen delivery: Gato fromagedre

Frozen delivery: Gato fromagedre

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Decadence du Chocolat
The best cheesecake.
I want you to eat it once,
It is a smooth, thick, blissful dish.

In response to your request, it is now possible to order in the online shop

Made from 100% Hokkaido cream cheese.
At the bottom is Zakuzak's cookie dough.
Caramelise on a crispy surface,
And the flavor of the smooth rich cheese,
Then, it is sure to cut it with another cut.

The texture is also fun and loved by everyone,
Please try the confidence work of the patissier by all means.

<< products of frozen delivery are here! >>
Only frozen delivery, the total amount of one order is 6,000 yen or more and free shipping!
Loved by everyone, popular [Gato Fromagedre]
Taste of an old person, rich [Gatogu anara 70]
Since its release, popular products [raw chocolate roll cake]
Especially popular women [strawberry raw chocolate roll cake]


Cheese, Eggs, Sugar, Butter, Yogurt, Cream, Lemon, Flour, Almond, Liquor, Casonade, Baking Powder, Salt

Eggs, Wheat, Milk

[Alcohol use]
Small amount

[Package size]

[Best before date]
3 days including frozen delivery and thawing date

[How to save]
Refrigeration and storage at 10 degrees Celsius or less to avoid high temperature and humidity

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