[2023 Valentinelimited] Bonbon Chocolat Assortment 24P


[Limited quantity] 2023.1.20 sales start! !

Free from the hustle and bustle and busyness of every day,
With your favorite drink in a warm room
Immerse yourself in a relaxed time.

It's good to read a book or spend your time quietly
It's fun to talk with family and friends.

And if there is a chocolate beside it.

A little luxurious and sweet scent is wrapped in the heart,
I want it to be a special time.

The theme of Valentine made with such thoughts is"Tea Time"

Focusing on bonbon chocolate inspired by tea, tea, coffee, etc.
Chocolatier selected to match various pairing.
Not only gifts for loved ones, but also for yourself.
Chocolat and relax time.

We have prepared three types of limited flavors only for Valentine.
Two limited flavors that enter all assortments
"Brown sugar matcha"When"Caramel Earl Gray"
Further limited flavors that fit only in 12p and 24p"Coco phrase"am.

■ Brown sugar matcha
Alcohol: Use of fragrance
Combined with brown sugar caramel to matcha ganache
A Japanese -style bonbon chocolate that is rich.

■ Caramel Earl Gray
Alcohol: Use of fragrance
With Ganache with the scent of Earl Gray
Earl Gray Caramel's gorgeous bonbon chocolate.

■ Coco phrase
Alcohol: Use of fragrance
Use white chocolate. Coconut and strawberry ganache
Sweet bonbon chocolate.

[Please read it when purchasing]
* If there is no specification for delivery, we will send it sequentially.
If you wish, be sure to select the date of landing.
* We cannot accept changes in products and arrival days after ordering.
Changes after purchase are also possible.
Please cooperate as your order is concentrated.
Paper bags are not included.
If you wishHerePlease purchase more.

The size is as follows.
* Nobuyoto is not compatible.
* This is a limited sale of Valentine. Please note that it is sold out for a limited quantity.

24 tablets

  1. Brown sugar matcha
  2. Caramel Earl Gray
  3. Coco phrase
  4. Flamboise
  5. Earl Grey
  6. Satsuma
  7. Alpine Saltz
  8. Maple
  9. Pepper
  10. Green tea
  11. Coco caramel
  12. Ram Rezan
  13. Lychee
  14. Cognac Orange
  15. Speculos
  16. citron
  17. Old castle plum
  18. Cafe au lait
  19. Pisthach
  20. Basilic
  21. Brazil
  22. Praline Noir
  23. Praline cacao
  24. Praline Amand

【raw materials】
Sugar (imported, domestic), cocoa mas, raw milk, cocoa butter, butter, full milk, cocoa powder, cocoa powder, almonds, almonds, cream, cream, coconut, lemon, lemon, lemon, pecan nuts, processed brown nuts , Maple syrup, sweet potato, raisin, sugar / heterosexuality liquid sugar, plums, honey, honey, orange, pistachio, pistachio, whey powder, whey powder, matcha, spice, olive oil, coffee, water, strawberries, basil, chlorella, salty, salt. , Vanilla, vegetable oil, glucose/emulsifiers, trehalose, fragrance, coloring (titanium dioxide, red 102, red 102, blue 2, blue 2, gold, yellow four, yellow fifth, pigmented pigment). (Includes wheat, eggs, milk, soybeans, orange, and almonds)

Wheat, eggs, milk

There is a product used.

[Package size]
Approximately 19.5cm x 13cm x 3.2cm

【expiry date】
About 4 weeks

【Preservation method】
Save below 18 ° C