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Decadence du Chocolat

Baked confectionery assortment (L size 23 pieces)

Baked confectionery assortment (L size 23 pieces)

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For those who are indebted,
With seven grilled sweets.

It is assortment of baked confectionery of DECADENCE DU Chocolat that burns up for exclusive patisier.

The butter is fluffy, eating response.
Financer and cake, Madeleine using a fermented butter.
Special grilled confectionery is simple because it is a thoroughly sticky material and carefully handmade carefully.

The popularity is the "cake pistachio" where the American cherries are organized at the center.
In moist and mouth, the pistachio scents with fluffy.

From standard baked sweets, to one item unique to Chocolato.

It is a lineup that you can enjoy with your family.

※ All butter uses fermentation butter.
※ We will attach a paper bag (white) to this product.


[Contents] total of 23 points
-Garetbretton x 3 pieces
-Madeleine (Citron) × 3 pieces
-Finache (Natur Earl Gray) × 4 each
-Coke (Chocola Rhonelange Pister) × 3 each
-Cake (Citron or Maron) × 3

※ About cake
Cake Citron, taking advantage of the seasonal ingredients, Cak Malon will be held in autumn and winter.

【raw materials】
Described separately

Described separately

[Alcohol use]

【Package size】
Approximately 31cm × 22 cm × 7 cm

【expiry date】
45 days from manufacture

【Preservation method】
Please save with direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity

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