[Summer limited] Fruit jelly, 2022 with domestic fruit


2022.6.15 Sales start! !

Summer gifts from DecadeNCE DU Chocolat
Craftsmen carefully finish by hand
It is a jelly that tastes fresh and cool with pulp.
* Only set sales in the paulownia box.

We are particular about the production area, cut the purchased fruit quickly in ripe, and
You can enjoy refreshing acidity, sweetness, and pulp feeling by making fruit juice.

There are three types of flavors in 2022: "lemon", "Shiranui" and "pineapple".
● "Hiroshima Prefecture Setoda Lemon"
The Setoda area is the famous domestic lemon production area in Japan.
In the calm climate throughout the year, take the sunshine with Sunsan and carefullyraised
"Setta Lemon" is characterized by a high sugar content and a good scent.
Use the lemon of Sakae Farmer Okuma.
You can enjoy the faint sourness of the comfortable lemon and the pear of the elegant sweetness
It is a special lemon jelly that you can only meet this year.

"Uwajima from Ehime Prefecture"
"Ponkan" with a good balance of sweetness and sourness.
A variety made by crossing "Kiyomi" rich in soft pulp and juicy juice.
"Shiranui" with high sugar content, plenty of fruit juice and a response.
 It is one of the leading citrus production areas in Japan,Ehime Prefecture Uwajima Seigoro Farm
Use Tanaka's Shiranui.
I can't eat it elsewhere,
It is a rich Shiranui jelly with a strong umami and a strong sweetness.

● "Peach pine from Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture"
It is a variety that originated in Okinawa Prefecture and has few farmers, and domestic distribution is less than 1 %.
"Peach Pine", a very rare pineapple.
A refreshing scent like peach, overflowing juice,
It is a popular variety with a rich sweetness with less sourness and over 20 degrees sugar content.
Use peach pine by Ikemura, Araragama Farm from Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture.
DECADENCE is a proud jelly.

I was particular about "manual work", "hand -squeezed", and "Kuchidake"
It is a refreshing jelly that you want to eat because it is summer.

It looks cool in the bottle.
It has a paulownia box that is perfect for gifts.

* Since 1SET is about 2kg, delivery to one place will be up to 5 sets.
* There is no spoon.


【Internal capacity】
6 (2 lemon, Shiranui, peach pine each)

【raw materials】
● Seta -produced lemon
Lemon, granulated sugar, pear, gelatin/groated polysaccharides, citric acid, calcium chloride (including gelatin)

● Uwajima's Shiranui
Shiranui, granulated sugar, gelatin/grip -grown polysaccharides (including orange/gelatin in some)

● Peach pine from Iriomote Island
Pineapple, granulated sugar, lemon, gelatin/grip -grown polysaccharides (including gelatin)


[Use alcohol]

[Package size / weight]
About 2 kg

【expiry date】
About 21 days from manufacturing

[Storage method]
Refrigerated storage.
* Due to the nature of the product, it becomes softer at room temperature.
Cool in the refrigerator to 5 ° C or less before eating.