[Frozen delivery] Chocolat water manjyu 4P


● Frozen delivery items ●

In the concept of "Cooling Chocolat to eat in summer",
I confined the tropical Ganache, which felt summer, to the fabric of a slippery watering machine.
A new food feeling Chocolat that sold out many times during the release of last year.

In 2022, we respond to requests and change and re-appearance! !
There are 4 types of 4 tablets and 10 tablets.

Ganache is two types: "Passion Exotic" and "Ram Chocolaborabanana".

● Passion exotic (color: clear)
Use ram-based coconut liqueur for fabric,
I finished the exotic puree combined with southern country fruits such as Passion Fruit and Mango.
Bitter chocolate kiri taste and good acidity fit well.

● Ram Chocolate Rava Nana (Color: Clear Yellow)
Use banana qualum for dough.
Added banana paste with banana pure and finished the ram to a garache.
Since the smoothness and contrast of Ganache will come out, you will be broken down thin chocolate and palicious texture.
You can enjoy the smell of banana on a milk chocolate basis.

Individual decadence du chocolat "Chocola water manjyu".
The image of the chocolate may change, but it makes it a delicious taste.
It is also recommended for present!

※ Please acknowledge that it is sold out for seasonal and quantity limited products.

[How to thaw]
Please decompress about 3 to 5 hours in the refrigerator
(It may be back and forth by the environment.)

Please select S size when you wish a paper bag with a fairy logo.

※ Shipping fee will be charged every shipping method (refrigerated delivery / frozen delivery).
This is a frozen delivery product.
"Other frozen delivery products are here"

【Internal capacity】
Passion exotic x 2, ram chocolate labyana × 2 total 4 pieces

【raw materials】
Sugar, Western sake, milk, cacao mass, banana, cocoa butter, whole powder, exotic fruit, cocoa butter, transcurrent sugar, honey, lactose, whey powder / thickener, lecithin, antioxidant, ethanol, propane, gold, perfume, Emulsifiers, coloring agents (yellow 4) (including milk, soybean and banana)


[Alcohol use]
can be. The dough is scented.

【Package size】
Approximately 7 cm × 7 cm × 3.5 cm
※ Size of the outer box

Extraction Card, Shop Card, Heart Rubber Tag

【expiry date】
21 days from manufacturing
After thawing, it contains a decompression day 3 days

【Preservation method】
Cool refrigerated after thawing. Please eat early.