[Frozen delivery] MIX Berry Sauce


2022.1.12 Start sale!
MIX Berry Sauce

It is a special source for enjoying "raw chocolate roll cake" more.

Boiled juice such as strawberry, cassis and raspberry,

Furthermore, it is a juicy berry source that mixes the raw strawberries and feels flesh.

If you add it to the roll cake, add a faint sour to the cake and deep taste.
It is also recommended for parties and seasons because you can color ornate the dishes.
You can attach the cut fruit, and use the source freely to enjoy Wai Wai decoration.

Also, the remaining sauce takes Yogurt or bread or put in black tea,
If you are an idea, you will spread how to enjoy it.
A little time and effort, a little fun home time.

Roll cake is here
It is also good for other cakes

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60 g

【raw materials】
Strawberry, raspberries, Sakai, transcerous sugar, cassis, lemon, tense sugar, gelatin / gelling agent (including apple, gelatin)


[Alcohol use]

【Package size】

【expiry date】
About 30 days from manufacturing.
Please consume immediately after opening.

【Preservation method】
After thawing, save in a refrigerator. Please consume immediately after opening.
Extractions are about 3 to 5 hours in the refrigerator.