Crocan Ma Cadamia


Original chocolate that Chocolatier blended itself
It was coated with fragrant macadamia nuts carefully.

Made of natural water in the German Alps,
While there is a mild taste of rock salt.
Exquisite to the sweetness of chocolate.

Makadami Antitsu's curious dice, a quick texture,Classy and pale sweetness. andEnjoy chocolate smooth harmony.

It is convenient for saving and carrying in packages with chucks.

※ Paper bag is not an accessory.
If you wish, from him➡SsizePlease purchase.

If you have selected one for your purchase size, you may want to add the appropriate size.
※ Paper bag can be attached to those who are not purchased. Please be careful.

【Internal capacity】
110 g


[Alcohol use]

【Package size】
Approximately 17 cm × 6.5 cm

【expiry date】
60 days from manufacture

【Preservation method】
Storage at 18 ° C or less