Legal notice

Global Dining Corporation

[Chief Operating Officer]
Kōzō Hasegawa

Koishikawa: Koishikawa, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo Prefecture, 5-6-9, Koishikawa, Koishikawa, Tokyo Ward, Tokyo

[Phone Number]


[Email Address]


[Fee Other Than a Product Price]
Fee to transfer when purchasing a bank and transfer of the charge in exchange for the purchase of the charge in exchange for the purchase of the bank.


[Application expiration date]
five days after the principle, confirmation of an order (automatic transmission mail for order confirmation)


[Bad goods]
within seven days of the arrival date of the product. We're going to deal with it in exchange or repair to get to the initial bad.


[Quantity Sold]
No specific designation (as set by product)


[Passing When]
After receipt of the order, we will deliver within 7 days.If the delay is due to the convenience of the weather unordered or shipping agent or for any other reason, the email will be sent to you.


[Payment Method]
credit card


[Payment due date]
On Order


[About return and exchange]
As a general rule, the return and exchange of food products after the delivery of products can be addressed.However, if the reason is due to the difference in the order and the damage to the shipment, please contact the product within seven days after the arrival of the product.The shipping charge will be borne by IBM.


[Return Shipping]
In the case of defects in initial defects and undelivered delivery products, we will be able to pay them at this store.