Valentine 2022 2022.1.22 Sales start!

Valentine 2022 2022.1.22 Sales start!

Jan 21 , 2022


★Valentine limited items★

DECADENCE DU Chocolat, 2022 Valentine's theme "BEAUTY".

Valentine's limited flavor is "Rose" and "Dates".
It is a bonbon that brings a flower to the relaxing time, the heart and the body are happy.

Beauty Plus ganache with red fruits such as pomegranate and berry, and plus elegant rose scent. Matched with bitter chocolate, refreshing kindness is accented.
Rose is also said to have a relaxing effect.
Enjoy the dark taste of chocolate and the deep taste of Chocolat.

Dates are famous for healthy foods rich in various nutrients.
There was a black sugar from Okinawa Prefecture and I added the cock.
"I feel a dating more than a dating." I expressed such a rich taste in Chocolat.

It will be sold in limited quantity.
Please note that it will be sold out if the number of plans will be reached.