11/1 (Sun)〜 pre-order start-Christmas cake 2020

11/1 (Sun)〜 pre-order start-Christmas cake 2020

Dec 24 , 2020


Enjoy your Christmas with our proud chocolat!!


This year, decadence de Chocolat will start booking Christmas cakes from 11/1(Mon).

We recommend Noel Chocolat, where you can enjoy the exquisite harmony of chocolate,lemon and honey.Please use it for”home Christmas " by all means.

How to book

【If you wish to receive the store】
Please reserve your desired item at our online shop or in-store, and receive it at your designated store during the receipt period.

【If you wish to deliver to your home】
Only Noel Chocolat(size 5)can be delivered frozen.

■ Reservation reception period
11/1 (Sunday) - 12/14 (Monday))

■ Receipt period
12/22 David De Gea-25)

■Receiving store
Decadence du Chocolat myogadani store
Cafella BOEM Azabu Juban
Cafe La Bohème

[Christmas limited]Noel Chocolat (size 5)/4,860 yen (tax included)

Chocolate×lemon×No エl Chocolat, where you can enjoy the exquisite harmony of honey.
A refreshing sour lemon cream and a gentle sweet honey jelly、Wrapped in a unique blend of smooth and rich chocolate mousse

[Christmas limited]Noel Chocolat(No. 3 size)¥2,592(tax included)

No. 3 size is about 9 cm in diameter for 2 people.It is a mini-size Christmas cake perfect for Christmas at home to spend a relaxing time with a couple or a lover.

Christmas limited: Noel shantyNo. 5 size)¥4,536(tax included)

Noel Chanty is made from a fluffy sponge dough with a good mouth feel and luxurious fresh cream.It is a popular Christmas cake with lots of strawberries every year.

Receiving store

Decadence de chocolat
Myogadani store

5-6-9 Koishikawa, Bunkyo Ward, Domi Koishikawa, 1f-B1

Cafe La Bohème

Minato-ku Azabu-Juban 2-3-7 green court Azabu-Juban 1f-2F

Photos of the exterior of shirokanedai decadence de chocolat

Cafe La Bohème

4-19-17 shirokanedai, Minato-ku, 1f-2F