【Limited time product】 Chocolat Pomme(Chocolat Pomme)started sales

【Limited time product】 Chocolat Pomme(Chocolat Pomme)started sales

Oct 01 , 2020


Decadence du Chocolat has started selling the popular product "Chocolat Pomme" for a limited time this year as well.

Dip into dried apples with a refreshing texture and bitter chocolate from Colombian cacao.

Chef Chocolatier Murakami carefully selected 54% of Colombian cacao bitter chocolate, saying, "Make it go well with apples!"

The slightly bitter chocolate enhances the refreshing flavor of apples.

It is also recommended as a seasonal souvenir or a small gift.

Enjoy fruit chocolate for a limited time.

Internal capacity 85g
raw materials Apples, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, citric acid, emulsifiers (derived from soybeans), preservatives (sulfites), flavors
Allergies None
alcohol None
Package size Diameter about 7 cm x height about 5 cm
Sell ​​by 45 days
Storage method Store at 18 ° C or below in a place out of direct sunlight.