Limited to the end of September!

Limited to the end of September!

Sep 12 , 2021


This is also available on TV shows, and it is only a season that is popular in the OTC and online shops."Shokora water manju"isEnd of September to end salein the said part.

"Can you make a cool shokra that you would like to eat even in the summer?"

When I first came out of my first prototype, I was surprised to see a combination that I had never seen before, but I thought, "This is delicious!" "I'm sure it's going to be enough for a lot of people to get there!"
The product was developed by a Chocolatier, the first commercialization of the product.We are specially reminded of a product.

As I started with sales in front of the OTC market, thanks to the grateful resonation,
There are some people who are going to shop here for our products.
And even after we started selling them at the online shop,
There were lots of buys and repeaters, and it became a loving commodity.

I think it's possible that we will end earlier than originally planned, so I'll take it early.