News of the some products price revision

Apr 20 , 2021


I have you always use Decadence du Chocolat, and thank you.

This time, by the production cost rises in price such as original material costs, I will raise the price of the following items.

I am sorry that the burden on visitor becomes big by this revision heartily and have understanding and ask to have patronage not to change continuously.

I continue a safe product and send it while performing a company effort and will act for the offer of the product which a visitor is satisfied with in future.

[product targeted for WEB]
●Cross-country pecan S 475 yen ⇒\ 518
●Cross-country pecan L 950 yen ⇒\ 1015
●Two kinds of ロッシェ 669 yen ⇒\ 734
●Two kinds of straight chocolate roll 1,479 yen ⇒\ 1598

It is a tax-included price each six points of ※ in total

April 21, 2021 12:00 ...